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Our mission is to reach these villages with the gospel of Jesus Christ by introducing them to their savior who died for their sins so they might live eternally with Him in Heaven. Our aim is to leave a pastor in every village who will disciple and train up leaders to go out and reach the millions of lost all around them. We desire to help to build a church in each village, deliver Bibles, and provide ongoing accountability (many villages if left to themselves revert back to their tribal beliefs and the village becomes once again deceived and lost).

Steve and Donna Mirabella

Tanzania, Africa

Commissioned Members

Tanzania is 5 degrees south of the equator, just south of Kenya. There are about 41,000,000 people in the country, and over 4,000,000 unreached people in over 33 tribes.

We are reaching out to the southern parts of Tanzania, where there are millions of unreached people scattered throughout the mountains, and tucked in remote isolated villages. The people are very superstitious, and prefer to be left alone. Many of them have never seen a foreigner or a white person before. Villages are ruled by Kings and Queens, the spiritual ancestral beliefs of these people are governed by fear of the many witchdoctors who reside in each village and rule alongside the chief. These people have very little; hardly any food, or water, with the majority of them only having the clothes on their back.


Our focus, according to Jeremiah 1:10, “I have this day set you over nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, pull down, and destroy, and to throw down, to build up, and to plant”. We are commanded by the Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit as children of the Most High to tear down every stronghold, whether of the mind of man or the spirit realm, and to build, to plant, and to establish the Kingdom of God. We are called to prepare the way and make ready a people for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We believe God and His Word that we have been sent for such a time as this. His will is to have these high places of every false belief and every demonic stronghold over these unreached people broken and that they lay hold of God’s purposes and promises and cooperate with Him in bringing them forth in the earth. With purified minds and clean hands, we the church will then be free to be filled with a fresh vision from Heaven to bring the Kingdom of God to all we meet! To God alone be the Glory!! Great things He has done!!

Jonathan and Bonnie Cooper

Kenya, Africa

As Africa Media Coordinators, we are AGWM Africa’s response to the needs our national churches have in the realm of television and radio. 

With as many as 867 unreached people groups (+219 million people) in Sub-Sahara Africa, media is becoming a major part of our national churches strategy for reaching their own people.  We will serve our African brethern as a resources for programming, training, and equiping to help them increase their outreach beyond the 4 walls of the church.  Our passion is to see our fellowship use these far reaching resources as an evangelistic tool to transform and redeem their own nations.

Digital Salt is our response to the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:13 when he tells us that we are to be the “Salt and Light” in our world. As our world becomes increasingly reliant on digital media, we believe God has called us to fill the great need of His presence in this area. Thus we are the salt and light in the digital world. We are Digital Salt.

John and Dawn Elliott

Zambia, Africa

John’s primary focus has been the equipping of those God is raising up as leaders through the following areas of ministry:

• A non-residential training program called Christian Leaders Training Institute operating in most parts of the country. More than 1000 leaders have taken courses on various levels. John directs the program, teaches, and oversees production of training materials.

• National Director for Global University in ZAMBIA, with several dozen students working on their B.A. degree.

• Involvement in the PAThS doctoral program based in Togo and Kenya. John serves as research faculty and is Administrator of Academic Resources.

• In addition, John currently is the Team Leader for our team of AGWM missionaries and serves as the liason with our national church partners.

Over the years Dawn has joined John in teaching and has taught several different courses, such as English, principles of teaching, etc., but in the last term she has focused on adult literacy:

• Over 40% of all adult Zambian women, and a lesser percent of men, cannot read and write and therefore cannot read a Bible. Many of these are believers in our churches!

• Dawn has revamped the Bemba adult literacy curriculum developed in the 1980’s and has implemented it in a couple of our churches with good results.

Bernie and Brenda Smith

Togo, Africa

The Smiths, Assemblies of God missionaries since 1991, have served at West Africa Advanced School of Theology (WAAST) since 1994. Their primary role is that of instructors at WAAST. In addition to their teaching duties at the central campus in Lomé, TOGO, the Smiths enjoy traveling to the WAAST extension centers throughout West and Central Africa to teach three-week block courses and to minister in the churches.

Bernie teaches many subjects, most in the domains of Bible, theology, and missions. He also is associate pastor of the WAAST International Chapel, a church of 1500 members which broadcasts via Radio Jesus Loves You on the WAAST campus.

He holds degrees from Central Bible College (B.A. Bible) and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (M.A. Missiology). He served as youth and children’s pastor at Oak Grove Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri, and pastored Alfordsville Assembly of God in Indiana before becoming a missionary.

Brenda teaches English composition, journalism, and research methodology. She has her B.A. in English and Bible from Goshen College and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Missiology at Assemblies of God Graduate School of Theology in Lomé. She also teaches children across America about missions through the Winnie the World pages for the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade.

Bernie and Brenda have two children. Bart lives and works in Lafayette, IN. Bethany and her husband, Adam, are in the ministry in Springfield, MO.

Visit the Smith’s on the web at

Tom and Maria McLane


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Mark and Kim Gardner

Namibia, Africa

We have been Assemblies of God World Missionaries since 1998.  We served 8 years in Angola before moving to Namibia in 2007.  It was then that the General Council of the Assemblies of God in NAMIBIA invited us to come to help in the continuation of Children’s Ministries development. We are based out of Swakopmund, on the coast.

Our Vision

Our vision for our work in Namibia is to see a major paradigm shift in our thinking from “Children’s Ministry = adults ministering to children” to “Children’s Ministry = children ministering to everyone.”

Our Ministry:   All that we do in our Children’s Ministry Development ties into this vision. We provide Ministry Platforms for children so that they will be trained and ready to minister to all!

Mark and Krista  Haley

Ethiopia, Africa

Mark and Krista joined the church-planting team in Ethiopia in August 2015. After language and culture study, they will remain outside of Addis Ababa, the capital city, and work with the new church plant in Berayou. Mark will empower and train leaders by developing culturally appropriate curriculum, discipling new leaders, and developing small groups among the Oromo and Gumuz peoples throughout northwest Ethiopia. Krista homeschools their 3 sons – Caleb (2000), Jordan (2003), and Tyler (2005) – and will use her nursing background in the implementation of CHE (Community Health Evangelism) in the villages and staffing the down-country clinics.

Dan and Candace Saglimbein

Kenya, Africa

Dan & Candace Saglimbeni have spent 4 years and 9 months in Rwanda, Africa and are now preparing for their next assignment in Africa, based out of Nairobi, Kenya. They plan to spend 5 years on this assignment.

Dan's teaching responsibilities will include the following assignments at Assemblies of God schools:
1. At East Africa School of Theology (EAST), Nairobi, Kenya--main assignment (Bible)
2. At the Graduate Studies Center (GSC), Nairobi, Kenya (NT Greek)
3. At the Graduate Studies Center (GSC), Dodoma, Tanzania (NT Greek)
4. At Addis Ababa Bible College (ABC), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Bible)
5. At Pan-Africa Theological Seminary (PAThS), Lome, Togo (NT Greek, a prerequisite course, to doctoral students)

Charles and Pat Estridge


Charles and Pat Estridge are missionary associates in Togo, West Africa.  They teach full time at West Africa Advanced School of Theology, are active in preaching and evangelism through ministering in the villages and on the radio, and also conduct seminars and conferences.