From time to time we all need help.

Sometimes we need a helping hand, sometimes a shoulder to lean on, and other times all we need is a listening ear. Our small groups provide the relationships and leadership necessary to provide care for most of the needs of our people.

Our care classes and groups exist to serve the “special care” needs that go beyond what a normal Small Group can provide and speaks directly to specific care needs.

Mary’s Heart Martha’s Hands | Meals

The goal of this ministry is to provide meals to families during crisis situations such as death and during sicknesses.  Specifically in the event of an ongoing or critical illness which requires hospitalization we will provide 3 meals for the family during this time.  In the event of a death the ministry will help coordinate a meal for up to 50 people at the church after the funeral service or provide 3 days worth of meals for up to 20 people in the home of the family - it is the families preference to choose what meets their need best.  In the event a funeral meal would be needed for more than 50 people other ministries within the church would be expected to assist, for example if the death was someone involved in the choir then the media ministry would assist and so on.


Ongoing Care Small Groups

Groups meet in order to support each other in sharing a common experience:

  • Identify together in like struggles
  • Learn about life and relationships
  • Grow in the ability to trust God and become all He created us to be

Join to learn how to trust others, affirm others, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring healing and renewal to your life.

  • Naomi’s Place Widows Group learning contentment and community


Care Classes

Care classes are led by trained facilitators who are non-professionals reaching out to find hope,   help, and healing for those in need. Classes are available periodically throughout the year. Information about upcoming classes will be posted in the Events section where you can also register.

  • Pre-marriage understanding covenant principles before wedding
  • Marriage Enrichment learning how good marriages get better
  • Surviving Cancer celebrating God’s peace during uncertainty
  • Grief Share  overcoming death of a loved one
  • Divorce Care navigating loss of marital relationship
  • Divorce Care for Kids Helps children handle emotions related to broken families.
  • Parenting Godly principles for child-rearing
  • Health and Nutrition exploring biblical pathways to healing
  • Budgeting and Stewardship God’s way of handling money
  • Single and Parenting understanding role of single parent
  • Care Giving understanding and coping with long-term disabilities
  • Overcoming Bi-Polar Issues holding on to the steadiness of God
  • Surviving the Holidays getting through peak times of depression


Pastoral Counseling

While Grace World does not engage in therapy counseling, pastoral counseling is available upon appointment only. If a situation becomes more than Grace World can offer in the pastoral counseling capacity, we will offer a selection of Christian therapists in the area for you to make your own choice. Call the church office to set up an appointment for pastoral counseling.