Vision Statement:

Loving God, Loving People, & Serving the World.

Mission statement:

We will honor the Holy Spirit by depending on His constant empowerment to promote an excellent hospitality, passionate worship, intentional discipleship, risk-taking service and extravagant generosity.

Strategy: We will accomplish this by . . .

• Honoring God’s presence
• Not putting the Holy Spirit in a box
• Speaking the truth in love
• Reaching out to the unchurched
• Cultivating a welcoming culture
• Celebrating membership
• Becoming a church of small groups
• Mobilizing volunteers
• Equipping growing Christians to reproduce themselves
• Encouraging biblical stewardship
• Raising up extravagant givers
• Building strategic systems that connect all ministry areas
• Evaluating for constant and never-ending improvement

Defining the Win for our Weekend Services

• Immediate win = when a regular attendee brings an unchurched friend who enjoys the service so much that he or she returns the next week.
• Long term win = producing an RTL (radically transformed life)


Four Areas of Vision


1. BELIEVE – Encounter God by responding to His love.

When a non-believer is empowered to …

    • Receive the truth of God’s Word
    • Pray the salvation prayer
    • Attend Fresh Start classes
    • Be water baptized
    • Attend Encounter weekends

This is what results in a Passionate Worshiper!

2. BELONG – Discover your new family and HOME!

When a non-churched person is drawn to the . . .

    • The care that is given to the presence of God
    • The care that is given to the preparation for guests

This is Excellent Hospitality!

3. BE TRAINED – Be all you can be in Christ

When a growing Christian . . .

    • Studying Pastor’s messages
    • Building healthy relationships
    • Learning the stewardship system
    • Developing an extravagant generosity
    • Receiving leadership coaching
    • Learning the ministry system

This is Intentional Discipleship!

4. BE STRONG – Expect to accomplish great things!

When a growing Christian . . .

Committing to personal goal-setting

    • Developing a strong support system
    • Overcoming past hurts and bondages
    • Climbing the ministry ladder
    • Advancing in the stewardship system
    • Reaching out to the community
    • Doing Servant evangelism

This is giving your BEST and exploring Risk-Taking Service!


Welcome to your new home at Grace World!

Here you will be challenged to . . .

Believe. Belong. Be Trained. Be Strong.