5 Reasons to Celebrate Mom

Sunday was a wonderful day celebrating baptisms! Six people decided to tell the world that they were going to live for Jesus everyday. One of them was our youngest son. All three of our kids have asked Jesus into their heart and have been baptized. My momma’s heart could not be more proud. 

Moms, you are making a difference everyday in the lives of your family and those around you. You have the opportunity to influence, lead, guide and steward the lives of your children. I am forever grateful to my mom and the amazing women who have spoken into my life and help shape who I am today. 

Moms, you are amazing and this weekend we have the privilege of celebrating you on Mother’s Day. In both the Dome foyer and the Grace Kids foyer there will be hot coffee (woohoo!) and delicious goodies for you, a beautiful photo wall to take a picture with your family, and a special gift at the end of the service. During the service we will share communion together and pray a special blessing over you. It will be a beautiful day celebrating and honoring our moms. 

Looking back over the last year, I believe every mom deserves an award for Mother of the Year, because, hello, 2020! Whew! Moms, you wore more hats than you ever thought possible. 

Here are 5 reasons why moms should be celebrated:

  • Because We Became Teachers and Technology Experts: From virtual learning, to homeschooling and everything else in between. How do you spell mom? H-E-R-O!
  • Because We Did (almost) Everything With A Smile: We did our best and held it together. The kids were at home all day and so were we. We checked out how to videos on youtube, made whipped coffee, tried learning new dance moves (and were horrible at it, at least I know I was!), found diy projects with things we had around the house, and built indoor forts with every blanket and pillow we could find. There’s stuff everywhere, but we smile and cherish this moment because they will never be this age again and tomorrow we’d do it all again just to see them smile and hear them laugh. 
  • Because We Make About 47 Snacks Every Day: Is this real life? Why do they eat so many snacks? How are they always hungry? And in the process, we of course, forgot to make ourselves a snack…and our coffee is cold. 
  • Because We’re Referees: Have you ever had more than one kid in a house for more than just a few hours? Enough said. 
  • Because We’re Moms: Even though this year was crazy and we wore many more hats than we thought we were capable of, we still took time to do our best to have a sense of normal, tucking in our kids at night and doing everything possible to let them know that even if the world was changing on the outside, they are still our world.

Kudos to you, moms. Whether you are a biological mother, an adoptive mother, a foster mother, stepmother, single mother, married mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, sister, or a spiritual mother, we honor you and thank you for the difference you make in countless lives. Happy Mother’s Day!