A Single Vote… But a Powerful Voice

Election Day is just a few day away where America will choose the next season of leaders to serve our nation.  This one feels particularly important.  Every election carries with it consequences. There is such a drastic contrast in the direction each candidate will take us.  Pray for God’s direction, vote according to your biblical principles, and then pray for God’s will to be done.  Then don’t stop praying!

It was a privilege to take Reijah to the polling station this past week. Our daughter was able to experience the process and even receive a future voter sticker.  More importantly, it was an opportunity to show her how important a vote is.  We each get a say in our elected leaders.  It’s a humbling responsibility.

Your vote is important, but even more powerful is your voice! When we as a church lift up our voice and speak the words that align with heaven over our land there is a shaking that takes place.  Dry bones rattle and dead things come to life!  This is the voice America needs to hear!  It is the voice of revival.

This Sunday we have another surprise, so come expecting the unexpected!  Come ready to lift your voice and rattle the Nature Coast!

Also, be reminded that COVID cases continue to rise in our area. There have been a few homes in our congregation that have had to quarantine over the past week. Thankfully, everyone is recovering and there does not appear to be any spread.  This is a reminder that this virus continues to be a threat and it is important that we each take responsibility for one another’s well being by following the CDC recommendations.  If we will continue to remain community conscious and exercise good judgment we can help slow the spread and protect our congregation.

Remember that we have three great options for enjoying our weekend service:  

   1.    In person in the Dome.

   2.    Online at graceworldag.org.

   3.    In the parking lot tuned into 102.7FM.

No matter how you choose to join us this weekend, remember that we are one church and we have a powerful voice in our community to rattle the land!

Believing For Revival,

Daniel K. Norris