A Time To Fast & Pray

The National Day of Prayer is a nationally recognized holiday set aside on the first Thursday in May for the people of the United States to turn to God in prayer. This year, our community will gather with pastors and leaders at the Brooksville Common on Thursday, May 5th from 12pm-1pm to pray for our country and over government officials, first responders, and many others.

We all recognize that we’re living in uncertain times. We see the political, economic, racial, and most importantly spiritual condition of our nation deteriorating. I stand firm in my belief that it is only through a greater awakening that our nation can be saved. Together, let’s stand united in prayer for our great nation. 

Coinciding with the National Day of Prayer, many pastors and church leaders in Hernando County are calling for an extended time of prayer and fasting between May 2nd – May 22nd with an opportunity to gather for corporate prayer at the Hernando County Courthouse each evening at 7 pm. We invite you to join with our church family, Immerse the Nations, and our community to unite for 21 days fasting and praying Matthew 6:10, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Every single one of us can do something. Whether you choose to forego a meal, do a Daniel fast or however the Lord may lead you and spend that time in prayer. For more information, please take a moment to watch this video

I’m confident of this, that when we turn our faces towards heaven in humility and in repentance God hears our cries and His answer is revival. Let’s contend in this season for an awakening in our own personal lives, our church, and our community. It’s time! 

Believing for Revival, 

Pastor Daniel