A Total Student Takeover

It’s STUDENT TAKEOVER SUNDAY! What is Student Takeover you ask?  It’s the Sunday before CITY WEEK when ASCEND takes over the entire Sunday service. Our youth worship team leads worship and Pastor Chris will be preaching. It’s a way to let our church family see and experience what happens every Wednesday night for students. It’s so incredible and one of our favorite Sundays of the year. So much so that I’ve TAKEN OVER my dad‘s weekly email to invite you to come be a part.

First, let me tell you what I love about Ascend. It’s a place where we encounter God and grow stronger in Him. I love our times of worship and leading students to a place where they can experience the power and presence of God. Second, I love the friends and connections we make. A few times a month we connect inside of our hubs which are student small groups that allow us to connect with one another and grow in discipleship. Third, I love that we get to make a difference. One of my absolute favorite times of the year is CITY WEEK. We get to do so many outreaches and help serve at Nature Coast Outreach Center. It’s definitely a time where we become closer to God and one another.

You can even participate with us! It all begins by coming on Sunday. Bring your students and invite a few others along!! I promise it will be a memorable weekend. Second, you can help us during City Week by participating at the Courthouse Prayer night on Wednesday night at 7pm. We will gather at the Courthouse with churches and student ministries across our community for a time of prayer. All activities at Grace World will be suspended as we’re all meeting on the courthouse steps to join in prayer for our community.

This is gonna be an awesome week! I can’t wait to see you there!! 

  • Reijah Norris