America may not know who the president will be…but we know who the King is!

When George Washington was commissioned in 1775 to form a Colonial Navy fleet for the colonies, he needed a standard, a flag, to fly over the fleet to distinguish them from the British Navy. He chose a simple white flag with an evergreen tree with the words “An Appeal to Heaven”.  This is the first official flag of the United States of America.  It was this acknowledgement from the man who became our nation’s first president, that the direction of America was not in the hands of man, but in the hands of a King that was far superior to any earthly king.  The direction of our nation is still in the hands of that King!

At this moment, we do not know who the president will be in 2021, but we know who the King is. His kingdom is not from the left or right, but from above. He is over all things.  You and I have exercised our civic duty in voting, but we still have a spiritual duty to lift up our nation, make an appeal to Heaven, and pray for Heaven’s good and perfect will to be accomplished within our nation.  

Let’s stand together in unity believing:

⁃That God’s good and perfect will be done.

⁃That every legal, legitimate vote will be counted and that there would be no confusion. 

⁃That the deceitful schemes of the enemy and plots of division would be revealed and thwarted.

⁃That our leaders would be guided by a spirit of humility.  

⁃That our nation will experience healing from the division.

⁃That sweeping revival will overtake our land and bring us back to the King of Kings.

This nation began with an appeal to Heaven and her future is still found in such an appeal!

Last night we gathered in the Dome for a call to prayer for America and this Sunday we will gather again.  Evangelist Joe Oden will be with us. I am certain that he is coming with a word from Heaven for this season. This would be a great service to invite a friend to attend or watch.  Let’s pray and come expecting an outpouring.

In addition, this weekend we will honor our veterans with a special tribute during service.  We are proud of those who have served our nation and grateful for you!  

Believing For Revival, 

Pastor Daniel