Are You Overflowing or Are You Being Overrun?

It’s hard to believe that a ping pong ball could break your heart, but it did.  Monday, as we cleaned up the ping pong balls from Sunday (click here to watch the message), we took time to read and pray over them.  One ball expressed anger from a cheating spouse.  Another hurt and grief from abuse.  Another fear of being humiliated and made fun of.

Our pastors, SUM students, intercessors and Dream Team prayed over each of these needs expressed from Sunday.

Your inflow determines your outflow.  

The enemy seeks to overrun your life.  He enters through the door of anger, fear, lust, depression or pride and fills the well of your life with darkness.  His desire is to master you.  But you and I have access to complete freedom and victory in this spiritual war.

Jesus said, “But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.” Matthew 12:28 NIV

True freedom in the Spirit is about displacement not deliverance.  It’s what I invite in that pushes out what needs to go.  The kingdom of God displaces the kingdom of darkness.

Invite Holy Spirit to come and fear has to go!  Invite Holy Spirit to come and depression has to flee.  Invite Holy Spirit to come and anger is snuffed out.  Invite Holy Spirit to come and lust must leave.  

A house cannot be divided and darkness cannot replace light.  Victory is simple.  It’s simply found in Jesus!  

So take a moment today to praise God and invite His Spirit to fully fill you to overflowing.  Pray in the Holy Spirit!  Build your faith and watch how the enemy flees.

One more thing if you find you need some help finding your freedom, reach out to our pastoral team or ministry leaders.  We have groups and teams that can come alongside you to help.

We are always better together!

Don’t miss this Sunday as we welcome back Evangelist Robert Martin.  God is moving powerfully.  There is truly no place like Grace!

Pastor Daniel Norris