Are You Ready For The Journey?

The road of the early pioneers was difficult.  In fact, for the first pioneers, there was no road.  Just a destination and a desire to make it there.  The road was cut while they walked.  It was slow and steady.  Every step forward came with brand new obstacles and opportunities.  Yet, it was those very opportunities that drove the pioneer.  They felt that persistent question about what might be found around the next bend of the journey.  

Discovery is the reward of those who venture off the well worn paths of the past.  It belongs to those who challenge the status quo.  It waits for those who wake themselves from their own complacency.  It doesn’t come without difficulties but it is fully worth the price.

I know this; there is more!  More to life than a mundane weekly routine.  More than a 9-5 job to collect another paycheck to make another payment.  More than the stereotypical “American dream”.   There are fresh discoveries to be found in the midst of our week with our family and friends.  There are differences to be made in the place we work and perhaps beyond.  There is a dream that supersedes all others.  

My friend, we have only just begun to imagine all that God desires to do within us.  There is more! 

There is a price to pioneering.  It requires an all-in attitude to the journey.  That’s the way the pioneers before us blazed their trails.  They were sold out men and women who loved not their lives even unto death.  Their lives passed down a faith that moves mountains.  Their stories inspire us to write our own.  They surround us and encourage us to persevere and pay the price in our own day.   

Let me ask you a question. What are you believing for in the days and years ahead?  Paint that picture with bold colors and make it clear.  Put it on the wall and keep it before you.  Pray over it.  Proclaim it in your home.  Prophesy it.  Then, count the cost and pay the price to pioneer it.  It comes to those who take the first step and the next, until they see it come to fruition.  

I believe in you.  More than that, I believe in the Lord who called you and spoke those things into your heart.  He is more than able to fulfill every promise.

Together In His Harvest!