Back To School

We are just a few days away from sending our three kids, Reijah, Caden, and Chase back to school. Reijah is headed into the 10th grade and her 16th year. Pray for her dad!

Caden and Chase are enrolled at GLA for their 6th and 4th grade. This will be their first time in a classroom as we are transitioning from being homeschooled.

Lost of changes in the Norris household.

This time of year is always filled with lots emotions for parents, students and teachers. There is excitement for seeing old and new friends. There is the anxious feeling of new experiences and challenges. In the midst of all these may I encourage you to embrace a specific emotion – expectancy.

An expectation that the gifts and call of God on your child’s life would be uncovered and activated. An expectation that they will experience the kingdom of God on their campus. An expectation that they will flourish. An expectation that they will be protected and led by the Holy Spirit. An expectation of immeasurably more in their lives.

This is the year of immeasurably more, and that means more in every area of life.

We have students headed to our local public schools, private schools and homeschool. Trust that God has a plan for your child this year to see them prosper in all they do!

We are praying for your family!

Immeasurably More,

PS – This Sunday we will have a special time of prayer for our students, teachers and administrators as they head back to school this week.