Compelled By Love

The call to evangelism is simply a call to love.

This week, Victoria was excited to share how she met a new hair dresser. The stylist had just opened a new salon in the area. As you can imagine, the hair dresser was apprehensive about building her new business. Victoria took the opportunity to simply love her, and share her connection with the church. She asked how she could pray with her. The woman asked her to pray for her new salon. Victory prayed over every chair and before she left, she led the lady to a relationship with Jesus.

Hell lost another one!!! It’s simple, because its simply a call to love.

We are only a week into September and you are already making a dent in eternity. Grace, you make proud!

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This week we have several outreach opportunities you can connect with and several more coming in the month. These events are listed here in our church center app.

Remember that when we carry His heart, He carries us.

Together In The Harvest