Corporate Cries

I have a playlist of worship music that plays on a loop in our home. It is updated daily with some of the latest songs that are connecting with congregations across the nation.  One thing I have noticed is that so many of the newer songs written in this past year are focused on a fresh move of God, revival, and awakening. 

The corporate body is crying for revival!

God allows dry seasons as a gift to awaken a deeper desperation for Him. This is the intended consequence of wilderness seasons.

That is the great lesson of Psalm 42. From a desperate wilderness season David cries out, “Deep cries to deep.” (vs7)

So often these dry seasons are PERSONAL. It awakens a deep cry for personal revival. Sometimes they are NATIONAL. It awakens a national outcry for awakening. But this one has been GLOBAL. It is awakening a global cry for a global move of the Spirit.

God hasn’t lead a church, or nation, but all churches and all nations. Wow!

God is turning the soil of the nations in preparation for a great end time harvest of souls. I am determined to be part of that move. We as a church are determined as well.

What must we do?

  • Join in that corporate cry – Let your heart cry out for a fresh move in your home, our church and our community. 
  • Wait upon the Lord – Now is not the time to go to sleep in your prayer life. He promises to come to those who wait!
  • Come Sunday with an expectation for a corporate move!

This Sunday, Evangelist Robert Martin will be with us. He is a friend of the house and always brings a now word! 

On Sunday night, our Immerse the Nations team will host a night of worship in the FLC at 6pm.  Come be refreshed as we worship together.