Do You Have A Word?

Paul said when you come together everyone has something to share (1 Cor 10:26).  In fact, it is God’s desire that each of us would speak a message to others on His behalf that builds, fills or heals.  That is called prophecy and it is something each of us can do.  Paul encouraged the church to pursue the gift of prophecy and to use it to build up the church, but why?

It builds. That means we should edify or strengthen another person with words that lift up, not tear down.  There are people in your life who need to hear an uplifting word from the Lord!

It fills…with encouragement.  Encouragement means “to put courage in.” It adds faith to an individual. It doesn’t invoke fear.   You have loved ones who need to be emboldened in their faith!

It heals. Prophecy speaks in a language that comforts and consoles. It doesn’t harm.  There are friends you know who need to hear a comforting word.

So let me encourage you to do three things:

  1. ASK – Whose life God has called you into? Who is in your sphere of influence?  Who needs to be built up, filled up, or healed up?
  2. PRAY for those individuals by name.  Lift up their needs before the Lord and ask Him to speak to you.  Expect to hear a word from God for them and then write it down.  
  3. SHARE that word with them.  It doesn’t have to be weird or awkward.  I often will text or call someone God has laid on my heart and say, “You’ve been on my heart.  I’ve been lifting you up in prayer” and then share what I felt. 

I don’t have to put a “thus says the Lord” to the word.  I simply trust the Lord to use my obedience to speak.  Nearly every time, it hits the mark and opens a deeper conversation and connection.

Moms, you can do with with your kids.  Husbands, you can do this with your wives.  Employers, you can do this with your employees.  Students, you can do this with your friends.  Anybody can be used of God to speak for Him. We simply need to be available!

Come Sunday for the next part in our series, “You Can All Prophesy.”

Pastor Daniel Norris