Does Jesus Have Your Heart?

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “words are cheap.” It’s an acknowledgment that it’s easy to say something, but even harder to carry it out.  Our actions speak louder than words.

That was the test on the mountain for Abraham.  The Lord wanted Abraham to see that everything in his life was truly surrendered to the Lord.  That nothing, not even his own son, stood between him and the Lord.  It was that trust, that faith, that obedience that unlocked the promise of abundant blessing.

In the end it wasn’t Isaac that was on the altar, as Isaac’s life was never in danger.  It was Abraham’s heart.  God was working the Abram out of Abraham.  

I wonder what lesson Isaac learned from his father during that encounter?  How did that build his own foundation of faith to believe for his own impossible dreams?  After all, if we don’t learn from our fathers, we repeat their mistakes and forfeit their inheritance.  

I believe the greatest lesson Abraham taught his son was this, “when you make everything you have available to God, God makes everything He has available to you.”  Abraham’s life was proof.  His actions demonstrated it.

Does Jesus have your heart or have you merely said the words yet not quite surrendered all?  I encourage you in this season to ask the Lord to search your heart, speak to you, and challenge you to grow your faith to a new level and believe for impossible things.  

As a church, that’s what we are doing! 

Believing for the Exceedingly Abundantly, 

Pastor Daniel

This Sunday following service I want to invite those who have not yet attended a vision meeting to join Jenna and me for a special “We Say Yes!” Vision lunch.  During this time you will hear the heart behind the YES! Faith Campaign and see the future of our campus.  The meeting will take place in the Family Life Center and will last about 1.5 hrs.