Everyone Needs A Pastor

October is Pastors Appreciation month. It’s an opportunity to meaningfully show gratitude for the men and women who serve our community in positions of pastoral ministry.  

My life has been marked by great pastors.

  • I am thankful for Pastor Bill Rinehart who was the senior pastor of the church Jenna and I grew up in. He taught us both the value of discipleship and instilled in us the heart of evangelists. He also demonstrated that church is the best place to exercise creativity in reaching people.
  • I honor Pastor Richard Crisco who was the youth pastor of Brownsville Assembly. This is where both Jenna and I went to Bible school. Richard became a mentor and friend during this time. He is still my pastor to this day.
  • I am grateful to Pastor Steve Hill, who Jenna and I served underneath in a church plant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Steve marked us with a burning passion for Jesus and souls. He shifted the trajectory of our lives.
  • Then there is Pastor David Garcia, who has been a friend in ministry for over a decade. Pastor Garcia was the pastor of Grace World for thirty years. His wisdom and council has carried us through many seasons of life. It’s not only an honor to steward his legacy but to still call him friend. (Special Note: Pastor Garcia will be ministering this Sunday at 10am).

Everyone needs a pastor. I can personally attest to the strength each one of these pastors have added to my life and spiritual maturity. I look back over my 47 years and see how God has used these men at strategic times in my life.

I can also look to the present and see the team of pastors that I get the honor to serve alongside now and to be for others, what previous pastors have been to me.

We are served at Grace World by an amazing pastoral team that I am humbled to co-labor with.

  • Pastor Mindy and Andy Kerr have been on the team for over 5 years. Together they carry the sound of worship. Each week they lead us into the throne room. They have a true spirit of excellence in everything they touch. 
  • Pastor Jacob and Jeverna King have been with us for four years. They not only minister to our children, but also equip and minister to our young families. Their heart to see children encounter Jesus is truly second to none.
  • Pastor Chris and Analysa Fullam are a true son and daughter of this church family. They carry the heartbeat of Grace World and have a genuine love for the students and young adults in our community. They are next level leaders.  
  • Pastor Debbie and Vance Milton oversee the discipleship arm of Grace World. Debbie has taught and equipped a multitude of leaders. Her love of the Word, ministry, and people is contagious.
  • Pastor Donnie and Cindy Lewis serve as our Care and Connect pastors. They have a true pastor’s heart for people. You can’t leave their presence without feeling loved and encouraged.
  • New to the team is Pastor Sam and Amber Lopez who oversee Grace Leadership Academy. Sam brings a pastoral perspective to the education environment and has helped our church raise up a school that will shift the paradigm of Christian education.

I am so thankful for the pastors who have been in my life and the pastors that are now in my life. I am thankful for the all star team that we have here at Grace World that carry the heart of the ministry and fulfill the mission of the church.  Few churches are as blessed as we are to have such gifts in the house. There truly is no place like Grace and there is no team like this team!

Pastors, we love you, appreciate you and are thankful for you!

Scripture reminds us, “give honor, where honor is due” (Romans 13:7).  Grace, truly we have a team worthy of great honor. This month and every month we celebrate you!

Can I make a request of our church family? This month, I would like to encourage you to send a card, social media post, or a simple face to face moment to say “thank you” to our team. The best displays of gratitude are those that share a specific way they have helped make a true difference in your life. I know it would mean the world to our team, and truly is the best way you can bless me as this month. Love on this team that loves on you!

Thankfully Yours,


PS:  As part of Pastor Appreciation month we will receive a special love offering at the end of the month on October 29th. The entirety of this offering will go to bless and appreciate our pastoral team.