Exceedingly Abundantly

Earlier this week, Caden was excited to share with me a verse that he read in his morning devotionals. He sent it by text message with a picture.  I love watching my kids grow in the things of God!  I love that they are excited to share those things. 

The verse he shared with me is familiar to many and speaks to the season that we are about to embark on. This is the verse he sent, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” (Ephesians 3:20). 

I told Caden that I was ministering on that exact verse for the next five weeks and that it is what God is saying to us right now!  Truly out of the mouths of babes (or young sons) God is speaking!  

God is able to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE all that we ask or think!  In fact, I am confident of this one thing; that God’s plan, His dream for you and for our church is an exceedingly abundantly greater plan than we have been bold enough to breathe. Many of you have dreams you’ve secretly held close to your heart but have yet to share out loud.  Know this, His plans are greater!  

Seeing those dreams fulfilled requires one thing on our part.  We must GROW IN FAITH.  Everything in the kingdom of God comes by faith.  It’s the currency of the kingdom.  It’s how we move mountains.  It’s how we speak to seas.  It’s how we watch the impossible become possible.  

I want to challenge you to come grow with us in faith over the next five weeks.  The journey we are about to embark on is one that will transform our church body and your life as well.  

Make a commitment to make the next five Sundays as we begin “Exceedingly Abundantly”.  This series is tied to our We Say YES! faith initiative.  These five weeks of faith building will culminate on Sunday, November 14th.  

What are you believing God for?  

As a church, we are believing to complete phases one and two of our master site plan for our campus within the next three years.  We are believing to open a new front door to our community that says we are a church for the whole family.  We are believing to make a significant dent in the vision of seeing 20,000 souls come to Jesus in the Nature Coast.  

That’s what we are asking and imagining.  I am believing for God to do the exceedingly abundantly through us!

Write your dreams down, speak them out loud, put them before the Lord and then ask to grow your faith!

I’ll see you Sunday!


PS: Make sure you bring your WE SAY YES! booklet this weekend.  You will need it during the service.  For those who have not yet received your booklet, we will have yours available in the foyer before service.