Exciting New Bible Series Starting This Sunday!

Revelation is likely the most missed, misunderstood and misread books in the Bible.  Some avoid it because they find the imagery of John’s vision to be confusing or frightening.  Some go to the other extreme obsessing over parts of the book while missing the bigger picture that God is speaking.  The message of Revelation for the Christ follower is beautiful and simple. It is a story of victory and offers us guidance on how we are to live out our lives in the last days.

This Sunday we start a new sermon series entitled, “The Seven Churches: Letters For The Last Days”.  I’m certain you’ll find these next several weeks to be engaging, encouraging and most importantly equipping for how to live in these uncertain times.

I look forward to starting this journey together on Sunday.

Don’t forget that this weekend is also “Sign Up Sundae” directly following the service in the FLC. Feel free to get a scoop or two of ice cream with your favorite toppings and the find a Grace Group where you can connect, serve or be equipped. There is a place for you here at Grace! You can find more information about the opportunities that are being offered as well as go ahead and sign up on the church center app or on our website.