Faith Has Been Activated!

Check out some of these beautiful images from this weekend’s history-making Sunday.   

It was wonderful to watch our entire church participate in YES! Sunday. From the infants to the students, moms and dads to grandparents. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest on the campus stepped forward to make a commitment before the Lord and be part of what God is doing at Grace World.

At the end of service, as I was praying, I heard the Lord say, “It’s activated!”

What does that mean?  My friends, Sunday was a sacred moment. You did more than write an amount on a card or give in the offering. You made a faith commitment before the Lord. It is very much like Jacob when he freely committed to the Lord 10% of all of his increase before he ever received it. It’s like the church at Corinth committing to the relief of the Jews before they gave it. It was an “act of grace” as Paul called it.

I asked you to pray and ask God what your part of the vision was.  To listen and then obey. Believing God for the exceedingly abundantly.  Sunday you made that commitment known.  You put it into the wind.  And as you did, something powerful was activated within you.

This morning I spoke with one of the business owners in our church. They participated in our advance commitment weekend.  They were excited to share with me that after they wrote that commitment down and made it known, something shifted.  In fact, they shared with me that this month has become a record-breaking month for their business.  Contracts even came in weeks ahead of schedule!  They have increased their commitment.

I share this to let you know that I truly believe there is a grace empowered generosity at work. Something powerful has been activated within the church and it is far greater than a building or a generosity campaign.  God is raising our faith level!

 Sunday, I shared that when we give there are four things that take place:

1)  Others will be blessed. 

We recognize that what we sow in this season is going to be a blessing to more than just our families.  It’s a blessing to our community. There are souls that will be reached because we gave!

2) You will be blessed. 

God is not mocked. A man reaps what he sows. There is no such thing as wasted seed. Every seed goes into the ground and bears forth fruit according to what was sown. As a father, it brought me great joy to watch my family participate on Sunday. My children gave of their own resources the largest offering they’ve ever sown. They are going to be blessed as a result! I want to see them blessed. Exceedingly blessed.

3) The Kingdom is blessed. 

Church growth is Kingdom growth.  I have heard from so many that were shocked to see how many kids streamed in on Sunday.   Truth be told there was another 40 that didn’t make it into the dome. Our Grace Kids is growing rapidly.  This will soon be a pressing need.  This is why we must expand.  We see growth all around us.  Growing His church is a blessing to the Kingdom.

4) God is blessed. 

Yes, you can bless the Lord with your generosity.  It blesses our Father when He sees His children embrace His spirit of generosity.  That is a life of full surrender!  

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to share your commitment and sow into the initial offering, there is still time to be a part. You can do that right now on our YES! Campaign webpage at or in service over the next two weeks.

I look forward to celebrating with you on December 5th what has been pledged and raised. 

It is exciting. It is game-changing. It is history-making. 

Thank you from the bottom my heart for your generosity. Thank you for believing in the vision. Thank you for being a part. Jenna and I love you!