How Does The Story End?

How does this story end? Is Jesus coming soon? How do we prepare for His return?  What does the Bible teach about the last days on earth? What will heaven be like?  Questions like these have persisted in the minds of humanity ever since we realized that time itself was temporary and precious and that everything on earth has an expiration date. 

In fact, during our “Asking For A Friend” series this summer, I received a lot of questions on the topic of the last days and the book of Revelation. I decided to answer them in our upcoming fall series that will begin this Sunday entitled, “Return of The King – a journey though the book of Revelation”. This six week series will cover the main themes of John’s letter to the churches and answer the big questions.  

Revelation can be a confusing book filled with dramatic imagery.  Many avoid the book because they find it hard to understand it or even find it to be frightening.  However, when you read Revelation through the lens of Jesus, you see a glorious King who’s return is one to welcome, not fear.

We serve a God who not only knows both the beginning and end, but is also the Author of these things as well. In fact, He is Lord over history. I am looking forward to learning and growing with you.  

See you Sunday!


PS:  A great way to prepare for this weekend is to go back and listen to, “The 7 Churches – Letters for the Last Days” series. You can find the first message here.