Hurricane Idalia Update


Hurricane relief opportunity!

Starting tomorrow Friday, September 1st  our Senior Food Production Chef & Programs Manager, Benjamin Hayward, will begin serving meals to the community!  He will serve lunch from 12- 3PM Monday through Saturday.
We will launch volunteer operations starting Saturday, September 2nd for daytime/local volunteers.  Registration at 8:30 AM and Orientation at 9 AM.  Volunteers should wear long pants and sturdy work boots/shoes with hard soles (rubber boots if possible). Volunteers will be given Operation Blessing T-shirts upon arrival. (NEED HELP/WANT TO HELP FLYER COMING SHORTLY)  We plan to set-up for overnight volunteers as quickly as possible.

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Dear Grace Family,

You are on my heart and mind today. This morning, we gathered with the pastoral team to pray over our community, and specifically our congregation as we watch this hurricane on its approach towards our state. 

The beautiful thing about living in Florida is the sunshine and outdoor weather that we get to experience most of the year. The trade-off is that routinely we have to keep our eye out for major storms. As Floridians, we don’t freak out or get fearful, we have faith.  At the same time we aren’t foolish.  We prepare for the storm and pray for peace.

I wanted to update you as early as possible about our plans as a church to respond to Hurricane Idalia.

First, our campus will be closed from Tuesday at noon through Wednesday. This means all on-campus activities including the Tuesday intercessory prayer, worship rehearsals and as all Wednesday activities. Our campus will reopen on Thursday.

Second, we are preparing in advance. Should our area experience a significant impact we want to be available to respond afterwards. If you are willing to volunteer your time and energy to assist in any of our response teams, you’ll find a link on this message to volunteer. The type of teams that we would assemble would be food distribution, site teams to clear debris and tarp roofs, and prayer teams.

If you find yourself in need of non-emergency assistance, we’ve also provided a way for you to contact the church with a request. If it is an emergency, your first contact should be to call 911. And as soon as possible let us know so that we can help in any way.

We want you to be safe. If the current forecast holds, we will have heavy rains and winds starting Wednesday morning. This is a forecast to be a fast moving storm, so it will be out of our area by late Wednesday afternoon. Make sure that you are prepared.  I have attached the Hernando County Disaster Preparedness Plan to this as well. You’ll find helpful information to make sure that your emergency supplies and home are adequately prepared for the storm.

Lastly, look out for one another.  We get through these things together. Reach out to your friends, neighbors and fellow church members. Check on them and make sure that they’re safe. If we all work together, we’ll see each other on the other side of the storm with a few stories to share of God’s miraculous hand.

Stay faith filled. Remember our Savior slept in the midst of a violent storm while the disciples worried. They didn’t understand how He could have such peace in the midst of that storm. It’s because He knew that God’s grace was sufficient, and that it’s a true strength. My prayer is that the storm will dissipate in the gulf and cause no harm to our community. Regardless what takes place, I’m going to find His grace and mercy, knowing that on the other side we will see His goodness.

I’m praying for you and our team is here for you. We are truly better together. 

Love you,

Pastor Daniel

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