A Call to Persevere

This past week Jenna and I were able to spend some quality time with one of our mentors. This woman of God has faithfully served in ministry for over 50 years.

Yes, she is truly a daughter of revival! I am thankful for her investment into Jenna and me. Truthfully, she’s helped shape much of modern ministry by speaking into the lives of senior pastors, youth pastors, and marketplace leaders. She makes everyone better.

I’ve watched her over the past couple of years walk through difficult seasons. The first being the death of her husband and now what is perhaps one of her most trying seasons as her very legacy has come under attack. The enemy is attempting to use what has been a strength of hers for five decades as a tool to discredit.

In the midst of this season she shared something with us that I want to pass on to you.

She shared this quote from William Carey, who was known as the father of modern missions:

“If one should think it worth his while to write my life, I will give you a criterion by which you may judge of its correctness. If he gives me credit for being a plodder, he will describe me justly. Anything beyond this will be too much. I can plod. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I owe everything.”

Our mentor said the secret to enduring through countless trials, tests and tribulations over many years of ministry has simply been, “I plod”.  Plod means to walk with a heavy step persevering through every season that comes my way in hopes that I remain faithful to the end. And by His grace, I will. 

Jesus showed us how to plod as He walked to the cross and then called us to come follow Him. 

Regardless of what season of life you are walking through right now; whether it’s a strenuous journey up a steep cliff or you’re enjoying the pace of a downhill glide. Perhaps you’re on easy street or skid row. No matter what, in every season, learn to plod. Learn to faithfully persevere with faith, hope, and love. By His grace, you will carry on until the end and hear those words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

As we come into the weekend, there are two things that I want you to be mindful of in our upcoming schedule. On Sunday, my pastor, Richard Crisco, will be with us. He was not able to be with us last month due to Covid. Thankfully, he was able to reschedule and be with us this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing from a father of revival as we continue in the series, “Prelude to Pentecost”. 

Also, to all our young families (that’s moms and dads with kids in Grace Kids), there is an event coming up for you that I would love to see you at. The Grace Young Families Picnic will take place on Sunday, May 23 at Tom Varn Park. This is a great opportunity to establish relationship and community together. Bring your own lunch or grab a quick lunch after service and bring it with you to the park for a time of fellowship. There will be a lot of great families to connect with and enjoy what remains of our spring season here in Florida. Lord, help us for the coming heat. I’m prepared to plod through the summer :-)! 

Jenna and I love you and can’t wait to see you this weekend!

Pastor Daniel Norris