Important Update from Pastor Daniel Norris


Highlights from Pastor’s update this past week:

1) Tomorrow’s service is an ALL-IN family service in the Dome.  Grace Kids & Grace Kids Jr (nursery) will not be available.  

2) Kids participating in the Grace Kids Choir need to check in at the Grace Kids Sanctuary by 9:50am.

3) We will be following CDC guidelines.  Families will sit together.  Practice physical distancing.  Use a face covering when you’re not seated.  Our Dome is SAFE, SPACIOUS and SANITIZED.

4) If you are sick, experiencing symptoms of sickness, been around someone who is suspected of being sick or if you have health concerns or are around someone who has health concerns –  please enjoy our service from the safety of your home.  We stream to Facebook, YouTube and

There is no guilt and no condemnation for enjoying service online.  We provide this service for you.  Tomorrow we will share in communion.  Make sure you have elements to participate with us (crackers and water can be just as symbolic if you don’t have juice)

Pray for souls to be saved tomorrow and pray for families currently dealing with this virus.

We will get through this TOGETHER.