Jesus Sometimes Come Suddenly but Never Accidentally

The Bible says that even as Peter was sinking in the water, Jesus came suddenly to him, took him by the hand then said, “oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?”.

What about you? Does this day find you doubting?  Perhaps feeling a bit defeated?  It could be that you, much like myself, find that most things are going very well but there are one or two areas in which you feel depleted. Situations like these do not seem to be the most favorable or likely places for a suddenly moment. Here’s the deal, I believe that Jesus is always attracted to the low places, to the broken places and to the valleys – that’s where His strength can be made manifest in our weakness.

Peter was sinking. He was going under yet the Bible says immediately Jesus came to him and took him by the hand.

Could it be that the very place you were concerned about is the exact spot Jesus wants to come to suddenly and take you by the hand? I promise it won’t be an accident when He arrives. His intent has always been meet you there.  He comes suddenly, but never accidentally!

Oh how I love the suddenlies of the Lord!  I pray that today He would give you a suddenly and that this week would be filled with suddenlies!  I pray this weekend that Grace has another suddenly.

Pastor Daniel

Make sure you mark your calendar for next Sunday, September 12th. This is our, “We Say YES! Preview Sunday”.  God has given us a vision and a dream for the next two decades concerning our main campus and I’m excited to share that with you. Following the service will be a special business meeting in which all members are invited to attend.  In this meeting we will officially launch the vision and begin the work towards bringing it to pass.