Merry Christmas From Your Grace World Family

As you and your family prepare to gather together around tables and trees in celebration of our Savior’s birth, may your homes be filled with the glory and light of heaven.  May the blessings of our Lord overwhelm you and may His grace and mercy find those who are still searching to find their way.

To those who have a wayward son or daughter, to those who are praying for a brother or neighbor, remember it took the wisemen two years to find Jesus after they first saw His star in the heavens.  That’s right, the classic nativity set with the three wisemen at the manger is not correct.  The night Jesus was born His star lit the sky and a few Persian astronomers took notice.  They had been searching the skies looking for the sign of the Messiah ever since Daniel had prophesied of his coming 500 years earlier.

Their journey would take two years, and it led them to Bethlehem where they met a toddler named Jesus and gave him gifts.

They searched for 500 years before they found the Savior.   My friend, the gospel message is powerful and effective.  It is not filled with empty words.  It goes forth and does not return void.  It may take years before the fruit of salvation is clearly seen, but it does not fail to produce.  It need only be watered with words of grace and truth when you are given the opportunity.  Christmas is a reminder that those who are still seeking, will in the right time, find their way to the King.  

Jenna and I love you and are praying for you and your family this Christmas season.  We look forward to seeing you for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service this Friday night at 6pm and celebrating Jesus’s birth in this sacred moment.  

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Pastors Daniel & Jenna Norris