My favorite question from the weekend was…

Sunday we launched a brand new series entitled, “And It Was Good”. We live in a world that is increasingly seeking to re-define what is good.  Good is now evil, evil is now good. Truth is the new hate speech and biblical values are considered offensive. If you want to live the good life, then you must return to what God declared good.

At the end of service I offered the opportunity to send questions via my Instagram Story (@danielknorris).  We had some great questions ranging from special interests to deep topics from the message.

You can see some of my favorites here…

My top favorite was this one…“How can I be more motivated than I am after today for soul winning? I feel activated!”

Wow!  That is the heartbeat of this house and the kingdom of God.  The story behind that question comes from a family that encountered Jesus right here at Grace.  This weekend they invited a coworker‘s family to come join them this weekend and were able to join them at the altar as they said yes to Jesus!  That is revival!!! 

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we’re jumping ahead in the series and answering the question, “What’s so good about men?”  We have a special service planned for our dads. Trust me it’s something you will not soon forget. I will also be opening up the post service Q&A once again on my Instagram story and will be answering questions all Sunday long. I look forward to the dialogue once again.

There is something so beautiful happening here at Grace World. You are a shining light into the darkness. This world has never needed that light more. Remember it’s the light that brings order to disorder, truth to confusion, goodness to evil. Yes the Light, His light is truly Good!