My Five Favorite Questions This Week

Recently I met a lady in downtown Brooksville who said to me, “Pastors never talk about the things we are talking about in our homes.  They don’t give us the opportunity to ask questions.”  I asked her what was most pressing on her mind.  After she shared a few with me, I told her I had just wrapped up a series on that exact subject that week and even gave a place for people to ask questions and dialogue.  That conversation gave me an opportunity to invite her to Grace.  It’s amazing the opportunities a little dialogue will create.  In fact, the next two weeks are great opportunities to invite a friend.

Sunday we began a new series entitled, “Asking For A Friend.”  Most of the year, our series come from what I hear the Lord speaking to me concerning our church family.  As we close out the summer, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and let you drive the conversation.

You flooded our inbox, Facebook and Instagram with a lot of great questions last week! I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. 

This week the focus of the message will be on relationship questions that I’ve received. I will also be answering questions after service on my Facebook and Instagram stories @danielknorris. Don’t forget you can also submit a question by replying to this email or text “AskAnything” to 97000.

During this series, I challenge you to invite someone to church. Last week, a family new to our area visited and said, “I loved the entire service, especially the message.  We felt like we didn’t just learn something, but it was also practical.”  They are looking forward to being back!  

PS:  MEN don’t forget our Bacon, Beards, and Bibles Mens breakfast this Saturday at 9am. You can register here