Prayer for True Community

What an amazing few weeks it has been since our Coffee & Conversations night. My hope and prayer is by continuing the conversation, authentic connections have been made and a pathway to friendship has begun for many. 

Let’s close out this year by praying together and enter next year expecting to grow in our relationship with the Lord and with one another as well.

Jesus, we thank You for allowing us to have the opportunity to build relationships. Each of us have been created for relationship with You and with others. You have placed an inherit desire for community deep within us.

May we authentically cultivate a relationship first with You that goes beyond a Sunday service. We recognize that in putting You first, we are able to be a better friend to others. Teach us to know who we are in You and that our identity is found in You alone. May we not fall into the trap of comparison, but instead, be rooted and grounded in the love of the Father. 

Let us not become stubborn thinking we can do life on our own. Friends, family, and community are built upon depending on one another. We are better together! Let us share our lives, serve one another, care for one another, celebrate one another, fight for one another, sharpen one another and experience life together! 

Jesus, we receive Your grace and love to heal the places in our hearts that have been hurt and broken. Tear down the walls we have put up thinking that they protect. Teach us to not live guarded lives, but instead may we guard our friendships and develop deep relationships born not out of convenience but of covenant. 

May we be friends who are available and present both in times of celebration and sorrow. May we walk in humility, love deeply, and forgive quickly. May we be women who are willing to be transparent and honest with the friends You have placed in our lives who are trustworthy and a safe place to share our hearts. 

Teach us to listen more, learn from and lean upon one another. May we love, honor, guard and steward the precious friendships we have. 

I am looking forward to next year! Be on the lookout for our next Women of Grace event! 

Much Love,