Remaining Steadfast

I’ve been meditating on that powerful word Sam Farina shared Sunday. Sam’s message focused on the “hesed” of God.  “Hesed” is the Hebrew word for God’s steadfast, unfailing love (Ex 20:5).  His love remains faithful even when we are experiencing the intense storms of life.  It is this love that our world needs to encounter from the Lord and experience from His church— especially in this present pandemic. Take a moment and think about where you have seen steadfast love displayed this week. More importantly, how have you demonstrated it?

Here at the Norris house, Reijah just started the 7th grade.  She is growing up too fast! Jenna and I are so proud of her.  This year, she took our Habitude Series to heart and set goals and habits to help her be successful.  Her top four are 1) A – B Honor Roll, 2) Finish Early 3) Stay Focused 4) Be Excellent.  One week in, she’s remaining steadfast.  

Speaking of starting a new school year, this week you can sign up for our next semester of Grace Equip.  Grace Equip is all about discipleship. Our Equip classes are designed to help you to discover your potential, passion and purpose in Christ and live life to the fullest.  This fall we are offering eight virtual classes and one live, in-person class.  Take a moment to take a look at what we have to offer and choose the course that best fits you.

During this season of COVID where physical distancing and remaining community conscious has been important, our Grace Equip classes had to be suspended due to limitations on classroom sizes.   We had hoped to be back to live, in-class instruction by the fall, but we are not there yet. However, we have found a great solution to help make our virtual classes more effective. We’ve partnered with a company called Right Now Media that offers over 20,000 equip resources available for instant access.  Think of it like Netflix but for Grace Equip.  There’s resources for your whole family! Over the next few days you will be receiving an email from Right Now Media inviting you to set up your free account.  Grace World is covering the cost, and investing this resource into you.  So whether or not you are taking an Equip class or just interested in studying a subject on your own, you will find a huge library of resources available for instant streaming with a simple click.  One of my personal favorites is “The Book of Colossians” with Louie Giglio.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

This weekend we will continue our “Rekindled” series.  After being out the of the pulpit for the past two weeks, I am bringing some heat and ready to see what God will do as we gather together once again.  I am coming expecting the unexpected!

There are a number of important events coming up this month, so make sure you take a look at the rest of this email.

Last, as we come together again this weekend remember to respect the following: 

• Respect physical distancing
• Practice good hygiene
• Stay home if you or a member of your family is experiencing flu-like symptoms

• Honor one another by wearing a mask when you cannot maintain 6ft of physical distance

Remember, we have three wonderful opportunities for you to experience our service. You can come in person to the Dome, watch online at, or tune in from 102.7 FM while in our parking lot. 

Grace World, we love you and are praying for you. As always, if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. We are here for you!

Pastor Daniel K Norris