Seasons of Outpouring

I’m writing to you on the heels of our Midweek Fire service. Last night we experienced something truly remarkable. 

Let me give you some context. This past Sunday, I made a spontaneous call for a prayer meeting to take place at 6pm before our Midweek Fire service. I didn’t know what to expect. By 6:35pm there were over 125 people, young and old, inside of the dome crying out to God for revival. Pastor Jacob King said, “it’s the most beautiful thing I have seen to date. Whole families praying together. Teenagers praying alongside grandparents. This is what a church for the whole family looks like.” Truly, it was a beautiful picture of what God is doing in this moment; calling generations together to seek His face. 

The prayer service spilled over into the midweek service, which was the largest attendance since we started.  Worship was fresh and the presence of the Lord filled the room. Time spent at the altar resulted in genuine encounters with the Lord.

Ron Erie, Jr. brought the men from Loving Hands Ministry. He shared with us that earlier that day as they were in their chapel service he felt a strong impression from the spirit of God that there would be an outbreak on Wednesday night at Grace World. They chose to load up the vans and come join us.  

Michael testified that after having come from two doctors and being in excruciating pain all week that during worship all of the pain in his body left and he was able to freely worship the Lord!

I shared about how the revival that is currently taking place at Asbury University is spreading quickly across the nation and how this signals a season of outpouring. This move of God is marked by ordinary people who are hungry.  That’s it. No names, no faces, just Jesus and a generation who hunger to meet with Him!

I’m hearing from so many of you that you sense the same. That this is a moment to lean in and receive what God is doing. 

I am reminded of Dr. David Remedios’s word to me at the end of last year, “Get ready, get ready. Get ready. Get ready!” I shared at the beginning of the year that, “2023 is the year of immeasurably more. A year that we will see God answer the prayer ‘more Lord!’”

My friends, now is the time. This is the moment. I’m expectant and asking, “God, what are you gonna do this Sunday?” I’m open to whatever and however He chooses to move. I hope you are as well. 

I’ll see you Sunday.

Immeasurably More,
Pastor Daniel