Small Acts Are Not Insignificant Acts

“Small acts are not insignificant acts.” That was a statement made by one of our students as they returned from ministering at a homeless encampment in the woods in the downtown district of our city.  Isn’t that powerful!

Earlier this week, our Ascend students delivered a brand new tent to a mother who was living in the woods. They helped her set it up and cleaned up her campsite, but that’s not all they did. They took time to see her, hear her story, pray with her, and truly minister to her. As the team left, she thanked them for treating her with dignity and respect.  It was a small act of kindness, but it wasn’t insignificant.

I’m so proud of our students. They began this week by leading the service on Sunday morning, which by the way they did a fantastic job! They continued to lead by being Jesus with skin on to our community. 

Last night, we gathered together with churches from across the community as our students led the charge in prayer and intercession for revival throughout Hernando County. I’m confident that it’s the “Davids” in this generation, the warriors that are equipped with praise upon their lips and a relentless faith in their heart, that God is raising up in this hour to tackle the giants that have been allowed to linger for far too long.

The final charge during the citywide prayer gathering was, “Lord, help us get one more!”

More than a cry for unity, it was a call for action to mobilize the church to go throughout our own communities and share the love of Jesus with those that we see. Whether in the grocery store, in our workplace or just simply walking around our own neighborhoods. It may not be a mother living in a tent, but it could be a neighbor living next door. Just waiting to be seen. Waiting to be heard. Waiting for somebody to simply ask them how we can pray for them.  A small act, but not insignificant.

I love this church. I love that our heartbeat is to go after 20,000 souls throughout the Nature Coast and introduce them to life and all of its fullness, see them experience true genuine revival and our community be part of a greater awakening!

Ascend students, Jenna and I are so proud of you! Thank you for leading so well this week. Know that you’re not alone. We are marching along side of you and taking ground with you.

I look forward to celebrating more this weekend as we gather continuing in our series, “And It Was Good”. I will be sharing about the fourth day of creation and what was so good about that day.

Come Sunday expecting more.  Come ready to lift up the name of Jesus. He is our message.

Believing for Revival,

Pastor Daniel