SUM Nature Coast  Bible College & Theology Seminary

What is SUM Nature Coast?

SUM Nature Coast is a cohort of SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary located in Brooksville, Florida at Grace World Outreach Church.  We are called to raise up ministry leaders through the Jesus Model of Leadership.  We equip men and women of God to transform their communities, cities, and the nations of the world by combining academic instruction with practical hands-on ministry and personal mentorship.  We are empowering leaders to be instruments of change, bringing revival to the church.

Our Core Values

  • Honor
  • Humility
  • Hunger
  • Holiness

What to Expect

Each student gets personal guidance from our Campus Pastor and Cohort Advisor that will set them up for success.  Students have designated classroom space on campus in order to build community as they experience live, interactive, academic instruction from qualified professors around the nation. A study library is provided for students that want to remain on campus to do their course work or study together.  Our visionary leader speaks into the lives of students during chapel each week imparting truth for spiritual growth.  Each academic year offers three trimesters of academic classes that provide a path for completing a bachelor degree in three years.

Ministry Practicums Available

Students are given opportunity to put into practice all that they are learning in the classroom as they participate in practical ministry experiences. We specialize in providing experience in the following fivefold ministries:

  • Worship
  • Media and Creative Arts
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Outreach Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Congregational Care Ministry
  • World Missions

Anytime, Anywhere Alternative

Students interested in being part of the SUM Nature Coast Cohort that are unable to attend classes on campus due to distance from facility, job or ministry conflicts can experience the same excellent academic teaching through our Anytime, Anywhere format.  Our same qualified professors pre-record their lectures and make them available each week which can be viewed anytime, anywhere as the student prefers.  In addition, students will have a virtual personal connection with each professor each week throughout the trimester.  Students will receive all of the same guidance from the Cohort Advisor, as well as ministry practicum opportunities, and mentorship as on-campus students, attend chapels, and participate in virtual study groups connection with classmates. 


SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and is nationally accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Ministry (BATM)

  • BATM is a bachelor degree offered for the purpose of equipping students for effective ministry through academic instruction, hands-on ministry, and personal mentorship that helps students attain a fundamental grounding in Theology and Ministry.  Various course tracks are available to provide a customizable learning experience in order to grow students in the field of ministry into which they are called.  
  • Completion Time:  3 years
  • Credits:  124 Credits
  • Academic Requirements:  High School Diploma or GED; 2.5 GPA minimum (2.0 GPA Provisional Acceptance)

Bachelor of Arts in Worship and Music (BAWM)

  • BAWM prepares future ministry leaders in musical proficiency through skill and disciplinary development in the tradition of musical conservatories together with a biblical-theological education that cultivates servant leaders with practical ministry experience in a setting which provides for personal mentorship.  Graduates will be prepared for musical performance and church leadership roles as well as in musical schools or seminaries.
  • Completion Time:  3 years
  • Credits:  124 credits
  • Academic Requirements:  High School Diploma or GED; 2.5 GPA minimum (2.0 GPA Provisional Acceptance)

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)

  • MABS is designed to equip students in biblical-theological understanding as it informs ministry work, including teaching, preaching, Bible education, and research.  Students research biblical concepts and theological understanding with a view toward equipping the saints and building the local church.  This degree program is appropriate for anyone called to serve in any of the five-fold ministries. 
  • Academic Concentrations

Biblical Languages

Biblical Exegesis

Biblical Theology

  • Completion time:  2 years
  • Credits earned:  48 credits
  • Academic requirements:  BA degree from an accredited institution; 2.5 GPA minimum; currently active in ministry

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL)

  • MACL is designed for men and women called to leadership roles in a local church setting, para-church organizations, or the marketplace.  This degree program would be appropriate for those who are currently in leadership roles who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills through development of biblical, theological, practical, and theoretical understanding.  Students will receive a solid understanding of biblical leadership principles and strategies, while preparing them to serve in leadership positions.
  • Completion time:  2 years
  • Credits earned:  38 credits
  • Academic requirements:  BA degree from an accredited institution; 2.5 GPA minimum; currently active in ministry

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

  • MDiv is designed to equip Christian leaders in the Charismatic-Pentecostal faith for their fivefold callings as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, or teachers.  The program forms leaders for the present global Christian movement.  The MDiv is the degree for senior Christian leaders and those who seek deep and broad understanding of Christian faith and church leadership to guide the church in the 21st century.
  • Completion Time:  3 years
  • Credits earned:  76 credits
  • Academic requirements:  BA from an accredited institution; 2.5 GPA minimum; currently active in ministry

Virtual Visit on Demand

For more information, visit our campus virtually from your computer or mobile device.  Our undergraduate and graduate faculty will share on the exciting programs and opportunities as you get a virtual tour.

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Our Visionary Leader is Lead Pastor Daniel K. Norris and our Cohort Advisor is Pastor Debbie Milton.  Check out our Pastoral Staff to learn more about our executive team that is committed to pour into the lives of our students through practical ministry and internship opportunities.

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