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You are invited to our upcoming Virtual Campus Days on May 15th!  

Although our world has come to a standstill in recent weeks and is filled with uncertainty, the future is not on hold; God’s call over your life has not changed! If you have been thinking about pursuing your biblical education and want to better equip yourself for ministry, let this be your time!

Join students nationwide to learn about the mission and vision of SUM. Choose from one of our three available 60-minute sessions at 8 AM, 1 PM, or 6:30 PM (PST) and hear from our undergraduate and graduate faculty as they host breakout sessions describing degree programs and facilitate a live Q&A.    

All registered attendees will receive a $250 scholarship towards the Fall 2020 trimester. We hope to see you there!   

SUM offers anytime, anywhere, affordable, pentecostal theological education combining excellent academics, practical hands-on ministry, and personal mentorship in a live, online, interactive format.  Take a look at our degrees below, register for campus days, and we will “see” you May 15th!  

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Degree Programs

What is SUM Nature Coast?

SUM Nature Coast is a cohort of SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary.  We are located at Grace World Outreach Church in Brooksville, Florida. SUM is a fully accredited Bible College whose purpose is to raise up ministry leaders through the Jesus Model of Leadership.  We equip men and women of God to transform their communities, cities, and the nations of the world by offering an affordable theological education, combining academic instruction with practical hands-on ministry and personal mentorship.  Our mission empowers these leaders to be instruments of change bringing revival to the church.


  1. Academic Excellence
    • Students participate in live instruction by a faculty that is selected for their educational expertise, sound biblical theology, concern for students, and years of proven ministry experience.  We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies that can be earned in 3 years. Classes meet only 1-2 days a week and are divided into 11-week trimesters.
  2. Practical Ministry
    • Each student has the opportunity to work with SUM faculty, local pastors and ministries through practicums, annual Mardi Gras outreach, internships, special events, and evangelism/mission trips.
  3. Personal Mentorship
    • Mentors come alongside to encourage each student in many areas of life including, academics, relationships, spiritual and personal development, and leadership.
  4. Affordable Education
    • We offer quality theological education at low cost.  Our goal is for students to graduate with little to no debt, allowing for immediate ministry work upon graduation. The full-time student earns 14 credit hours per trimester, and any credits earned over 10 hours are FREE!  Students are eligible to apply for Federal Student Aid and Veterans Benefits. 95% of our students receive some type of financial aid.


  • Completion time—3 years
  • Credits earned—139
  • Academic requirements—High School Diploma or GED; 2.5 GPA minimum

2.0 GPA Provisional Acceptance

Academic Concentrations

  • Church Planter
  • Church Revivalist
  • Global Missionary
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Prophetic Office
  • Youth Ministry
  • Evangelistic Office
  • Christian Scholar
  • Worship Studies
  • Christian Educator


  • Completion time—2 years
  • Credits earned—48
  • Academic requirements—BA degree from an accredited institution; 2.5 GPA minimum; currently active in ministry

Academic Concentrations

  • Biblical Languages
  • Biblical Exegesis
  • Biblical Theology


  • Completion time—2 years
  • Credits earned—38
  • Academic requirements—BA degree from an accredited institution; 2.5 GPA minimum; currently active in ministry

Designed for Men and Women:

  • Called to leadership roles in a local church setting, para-church organizations or the marketplace
  • Currently in leadership roles who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills through the development of biblical, theological, practical, and theoretical understanding.


  • Completion Time—3 years
  • Credits earned—76
  • Academic requirements—BA from an accredited institution; 2.5 GPA minimum; currently active in ministry

Designed for Men and Women:

  • Called as leaders in their five-fold callings as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, or teachers.
  • Forms leaders for the present global Christian movement.
  • Senior Christian leaders and those who seek deep and broad understanding of Christian faith and church leadership to guide the church in the 21st century.


The application process is just the beginning of a lifelong journey into your passion and purpose as you discover life and all its fullness!  

Go to It only takes 10 minutes enter your application.  Upon submitting, you will receive a checklist for your follow-up documents


Our Visionary Leader is Lead Pastor Daniel K. Norris and our Cohort Pastor is Dr. Debbie Milton.  Check out our Pastoral Staff here to learn more about our team that is committed to pouring into the lives of our students through practical ministry and internship opportunities.

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