That Doesn’t Sound Like a Good Way to Pick a President…

My oldest son, Caden, popped into my office on Monday morning, jumped up in my lap, looked at the television and saw an ad for the upcoming presidential debate. He asked, “Dad, what is a ‘debate?’”. My response was, “two men are going to stand on the stage and argue with each other as they try to convince us that they should be our president for the next four years.” Caden then jumped off my lap, said good morning to Jenna and ran off to go play upstairs. What I didn’t know was that as he was heading upstairs he was mumbling to himself. Jenna overheard it and told me later what he was saying. He said, “I don’t think that arguing on a stage about who is going to be president is a good idea. I don’t know how you choose a president that way.”

Kids are awesome!  Caden reminded us that arguing with one another or allowing political views to divide isn’t a good way to lead towards positive change.  Tuesday night was a reminder that spiritual awakening isn’t on the ballot this year.  It is up to us to intercede for our nation, state and community during this tumultuous season. 

Let me encourage you to intensify your prayers for our elected officials and for our nation this month. As you go to the polls to vote, do so prayed up and then don’t stop praying.  May we be relentless in prayer for our nation as we know the answer for America isn’t political, it’s spiritual!  I remain hopeful that the ground for true awakening is being prepared, even now!  

This weekend, we will continue in our series “October Surprise”. We are in a season of expecting the unexpected! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this weekend and look forward to seeing you there!

Remember, if you will be joining us in the Dome that we are continuing to follow the recommended CDC procedures. These include:

1 Respect physical distancing.

2 Practice good hygiene. 

3 Stay home if you are experiencing flu like symptoms.

4 Wear a mask when you cannot maintain 6 feet distance from another person.

This weekend whether you are joining us live in the Dome or from your home, we still are one church family. There’s no place like Grace!