The Dad Difference

Dads, we celebrate you!  There is no greater influence in the life of a child than that of their father.  Dad’s play a vital role in the development and success of our children.  In fact, if you are active in the life of your children research shows:

  • They are 40% more likely to earn A’s in school. 
  • They are 45% less likely to fail in school. 
  • They are 60% less likely to get in trouble at school. 
  • They are 2x more likely to go on to college or find a stable good paying job. 
  • They are 75% less likely to have a teen birth. 
  • They are 80% less likely to spend time in jail. 

Dads make a difference not only in the development and success of their children but also in their spirituality.  

If a father does not go to church, even if his wife does, only 1 child in 50 will become a regular church attender. If a father does go regularly, regardless of what the mother does, between two-thirds and three-quarters of their children will attend church as adults.  Dads, what you do makes the biggest difference!

I believe that as fathers we instill three key things into our children; identification, affirmation and validation. 


This is who they are in Christ.  A father can look at their son or daughter, regardless of their age and speak God given identity into their lives.  Those words are powerful and they need to hear them!


This is that they are loved.  A father needs to regularly tell his children, regardless of their age, that he loves them.  Our love must be unconditional.  That means even if their behavior is not lining up with their identity or your values, they still know that they are deeply loved and that your love for them doesn’t waver or change.  It breaks my heart to hear the stories of men who share with me that their father never told them he loved them.  Don’t be that dad.  Tell them often.   


This is that we are proud of them.  Again, a father needs to let his children know that we see them for who they are, we love them, and that we are proud of them.  This goes far beyond what they’ve done or have.  Those things change.  They need to know that you are pleased with them for who they are, not what they do.  When they accomplish something big or small, point it back to their identity. 

Remember your words carry weight and your presence in their lives makes the biggest difference!

This Sunday, let’s make a difference together.  Don’t let Mom be the one to get the kids out of bed and to church.  Take the lead because that’s who you are!  You’re a great Dad and you are a leader in your family.  I am proud of you, Dad, for taking your God given place in the home and leading by example.


PS – This Sunday we have a special day planned for our dads.  The candied bacon is back along with the donut wall. I also have a gift that I believe you’ll find to be encouraging.