The Lord is Ready to Drench the Dry Things!

“Dad! The backyard is crunchy!” was the observation made from our kids last week as they came in from playing outside.

Officially, central Florida is “abnormally dry” and just a few more rainless days away from being in an official drought.  Like my backyard, much of Florida is “crunchy”.

This past Sunday as God was moving so powerfully in the altar of the church, I heard the Lord say, “I am drenching dry things”. Wow! What an encouraging word. No doubt many have been in a season of drought feeling brittle, dry or just in need of a refreshing. 

Though difficult at times, dry seasons do have a purpose. First and foremost, you become more appreciative of the rainy and wet seasons. Dry seasons also create a natural tinderbox that allows wildfires to break out, purge the dead, and make room for new life. It’s part of God’s design. To quote the Lion King, “it’s the circle of life”.

2020 has caused many across our nation to experience a spiritual drought. Many are “crunchy”.  But I’ve got good news, there’s rain coming!

I’ve been carrying a message for the past month that comes from one of my own spiritual dry seasons. This weekend, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. Coincidentally enough, I’ve checked the forecast and this weekend calls for rain! Let it be in the natural and in the spiritual.

This weekend is also Memorial Day. We look forward to taking a moment in our service to remember, reflect, and celebrate the lives of those that paid the ultimate price for our nation’s freedom.

Believing For Revival!