The “W” in Christmas

I love everything about Christmas!!  The lights, decorations, traditions, the smell of fresh evergreen and frosted cranberry, fresh baked cookies straight from the oven, gingerbread houses on display, the warmth of a nice fire (though not necessary when the temperature is in the 80’s – thanks, Florida), the glow of the Christmas tree, Christmas movies on all day everyday (especially the often cheesy and predictable Hallmark movies, my personal favorite), drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and homemade whipped cream, spending time with family, giving and receiving gifts…I think you get the picture. I really do love Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

A few years ago I came across a story that I’d like to share with you:

A little girl was in her school’s Christmas pageant.  Her mother had bought her a pretty new Christmas dress and was in the audience to see her performance.  The students began lining up on stage prepared to sing the song that they had been practicing called, “Christmas Love.”  The mother watched as the children filed in and noticed her daughter on the front row with several others holding cardboard signs. As they began to sing, one by one the students on the front row held up large letters to spell out the title of the song.  “C is for Christmas,” a child turned their cardboard sign over revealing the letter C.  Then, “H is for Happy,” and on and on. The performance was going smoothly, until the little girl, who was holding the letter “M” turned it upside down – totally unaware that her letter “M” now appeared as a “W”.  The audience began to giggle as the students continued to proudly sing their song. When the song began to come to a close and all the letters had been revealed the giggling suddenly stopped. Instead of the letters spelling “Christmas Love” it spelled, “Christ Was Love.” That moment solemnly reminded everyone of the true reason we celebrate this holiday in the first place.

That’s the reason why He came, because of His great love for us. 

I guarantee there is someone that you know who needs to encounter the love of Jesus during this season. Perhaps it’s someone in your family, a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend or the cashier at the check out counter of the department store you’re shopping at or the grocery clerk bagging your groceries. You carry the love, hope and message of Jesus wherever you go. Take a moment to truly see them and invite them to come join you at one of our upcoming Christmas services.

This Sunday is our Christmas Celebration Sunday at 10am featuring special music from our Worship and Creative Arts department, Ascend Students and Grace Kids. Pastor Daniel will also be sharing a powerful message in our “Christmas Playlist” series. It will be a wonderful time to celebrate our Savior!

On Friday, December 24th, we invite you and your family and friends to come join us for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service at 6pm. This night will be a meaningful time to hear the story of Christ’s birth through song and scripture followed by a time of communion. 

Let’s make this Christmas special by coming together to celebrate and keep Jesus the center of our lives and this season. Remember the “W” in Christmas. ChristWas Love. O come let us adore Him!

Pastor Daniel and I wish you the happiest and merriest Christmas!!  We love you very much!