Victory In Jesus!

Some believers are fighting FOR victory in this spiritual battle called life.  Others are fighting FROM victory.  It may seem like I’m playing games with words, but I’m not.  There is a big difference in each of those statements.

Those fighting for victory have made defeat a possibility and have made the outcome a matter of their own efforts.  

However, those fighting from victory realize that victory has been accomplished not by their works but the finished work of the cross. 

John wrote, “This is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith” (1 John 5:4).  

Read it again.  John said “has overcome” not “might overcome”!  

You are fighting a fight that has already been won.  It’s not a fixed fight, it’s a finished fight.  The enemy has been defeated, destroyed, and decimated.  Victory is yours!

You may wonder, “Pastor Daniel, if victory is already mine, why don’t I feel very victorious?”  That’s a great question and one I’m answering this weekend.  

One last thing…this Sunday is SIGN UP SUNDAE!  Grace World is a large church made up of small groups.  Everything we do, we do in groups.  We have a number of Grace Groups ready for you this fall. There is a group waiting just for you.  After service, join us in the FLC for some ice cream and an opportunity to find a group where you can connect, get equipped or serve. 

Believing for Revival, 

Pastor Daniel