We Are A Multigenerational Church 

I want to take a moment and celebrate two things that took place this weekend. First, my wife delivered a powerful message entitled, “Tell Me A Story”. Jenna did such a great job reminding us all that we each have a story to tell and one that we need to pass on. I’m a proud husband and so thankful that she leads our home and church so well.

Secondly, I want to celebrate the moment that came at the close of her message. During the altar call, she asked for those that were 40 and under to come forward and challenged them to take the opportunity God has given them with the tools He has given them to share their story about what God has done in their lives. As they came, one of the elder gentleman in our congregation noted something that I did as well. He said that as he watched individuals respond to the altar he thought to himself, “my word more than half the church is moving forward.” It was true. We are genuinely a multi generational church. This is worth celebrating! In a community where the average demographic tends to skew older, we are not a church that reaches just one generation but ministers from the youngest to the oldest amongst us. We genuinely are a church for the whole family. Jenna then asked those that were 40 and over to come behind those that were 40 and under. This one action painted a picture of something we all need to embrace. The younger generation is ready to lead and write an amazing story of faith through their lives. They need a generation that comes along side of them with maturity and wisdom to impart, encourage, and champion as both generations move forward together in the all that Jesus has.

I believe this, it doesn’t matter if you are eight or 80, the best years of your life are still ahead of you! The “immeasurably more” that Jesus promises does not lie in our past, but always sits ahead of us waiting for those who are ready to move forward and take it. I want to be like Caleb when he reached the Promised Land at the age of 80 who said, “I’m still just as strong as I was when I was 40.” I am thankful for a church and church family that comes alongside each generation to see those promises come to pass.

Grace, thank you for being a multigenerational church. Thank you for being a multicultural church. Thank you for celebrating the diversity of God’s creation as we build a community that runs after Jesus and experiences life and all of its fullness!

Immeasurably More,