We’ve Got HISTORY-MAKING NEWS to Share This Weekend!

We are excited to share the results of our We Say YES! faith campaign with our church family this weekend. Honestly, I am beside myself and humbled at the response of our church body. It is beyond apparent that we are collectively carrying this dream for our future. The fulfillment of this dream will make a lasting impact on our community. 

This is a Sunday you do not want to miss. It’s significant. It’s prophetic. It’s game-changing!

When we started this journey, I didn’t know what to expect. The campaign was simple. We prayed, shared the vision, and asked you to pray and listen to the Lord and then trust Him in what He asked of you. Grace World, you have given Jesus a bold YES!

When Jenna and I set out in 2017 on the Trail of Fire, it was a journey that would take us 50,000 miles around the United States in a single year. It was a bold move for our family. One that we all made together. Reijah, Caden, Chase, and Jenna were all involved in the decision. We all gave Jesus our yes, not knowing what the year would entail. When the year was complete, we were overwhelmed by all that had been accomplished. There’s a lot of power in giving Jesus a bold yes. I’ve witnessed this in my own life.

Now we are ready for our next big yes, and it’s one that we are taking together with our church family. I’m excited for the journey ahead. This is the most significant, boldest move we’ve made as a church family. It comes during a time where economic, political, cultural, and pandemic issues create great uncertainties. Yet we know these uncertain circumstances do not control our future. Our future is in the Lord’s hands. He said to, “finish what was started,” and to “finish for the future.”  We all know that Grace World’s best days are not behind it but ahead of it. We see it in our children’s ministry. We see it in our student ministry. We see it in our young families. We see it in our men and women. We see it in our senior adults. We have a thriving, vibrant church family that is growing with a community that is also growing. We have to finish this vision for our future.

This past weekend, our friends David and Debbie Looper came to worship with us on Sunday. For those that don’t know, David and Debbie were our pastoral care pastors for three years before recently transitioning back to Huntsville, Alabama. After service, they came and gave me a big hug and said, “being away from Grace World, you appreciate the value of this church body and the love shown towards people. We say, ‘there is no place like Grace,’ and it’s true.  There is something special about this church.”

I agree!  There is no place like Grace and I’ve see it expressed through this campaign. Grace World, you amaze me. You humble me. You challenge me.

I’m excited for the coming years and the expansion of our campus. But, I’m even more excited for the growth taking place within our church family. This is kingdom growth. That is what we are called to do here as we remain and wait for the King of kings return.

Don’t miss this Sunday! Invite someone to come along. It’s going to be an exciting day. It’s going to be a day to celebrate. It’s going to be a day to launch forward!

Pastor Daniel Norris