What Are You Pioneering At Home?

Pioneer Sergeants have existed since the 1700’s. The tradition began when every British infantry company had one ‘pioneer’ who would march in front of the regiment.

He would wear a ‘stout’ apron, which protected his uniform whilst he was performing his duties, and carry an axe to clear the path for anyone following behind. Pioneers in those times would also carry a sawback sword, pickaxe, billhooks, shovels, and axes. They were traditionally the largest, strongest and most imposing members of the company and would also act as the blacksmith for the unit. As a result, he was allowed a beard to protect his face from the heat of the forge. 

In modern parades, Pioneer Sergeants still wear their ceremonial aprons and carry their traditional axes, which act in place of a bayonet.  And as per tradition, The Pioneer Sergeant, is one of the few positions within the British Army allowed to have a beard when on parade.

The Pioneer sergeant’s primary responsibility was to cut the trail for his unit and lead his unit upon that trail.  In a similar way, Jesus is the original pioneer sergeant.  He was the first to blaze a trail for us to walk upon and He is the one who leads us on that path. And as a carpenter, the tools of the pioneer are familiar to his hands.  

The Lord is calling new pioneers in this moment to walk the old ancient paths and reopen them once again for our families and loved ones.  Though time may have caused them to be forgotten or lost, they still remain.  They just need a spiritually awakened pioneer to do the hard work of re-digging, relaying and rebuilding.

One area that you can lead in at this moment and re-pioneer is the family altar.  When and where do you and your family pray together and invite the presence and protection of the Lord to rest upon your home?  This is not an individual time of prayer but a corporate time of prayer that is intentional with your household.  

If this is not a common practice, it will seem awkward at first, but if you will push past the awkward and relay this altar in your home the blessing that comes will be worth it.  

Here are a few thoughts on how to rebuild your family altar:

1. Add it to something you already do as a family.  If you have a family dinner, make it part of that time.  Instead of blessing your food, bless your family.  If you tuck your kids in bed, pray together at the foot of their bed.  Lead them in this.

2.It doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to be intentional.  When you pray it doesn’t have to be a long winded prayer, but your words carry meaning.  Think about a few things you want to pray about ahead of time.  

3.Make it a habit.  More than anything, the example you set before your household of making prayer the priority is teaching them to keep Jesus at the center of everything.  

One more thought…we are in the middle of the series, “Awaken the Pioneer.” If you want to add fuel to your pioneer fire, you don’t want to miss this weekend!  Come gather as we re-dig wells and rebuild altars!