What Are You Thankful For?

We are in the season of Thanksgiving.  Jenna and I love this time of year. The only thing missing is fall leaves and the crisp cold air.  

I asked the kids, “What are you thankful for?” Chase said, “I’m thankful for God!” Caden said, “I’m thankful for life.” And Reijah said, “family.” Three amazing answers from three amazing kids about what they are thankful for.  Amongst the many things that I am thankful for, one of them is you. I’m thankful for our church family. I’m thankful for the way that God is moving in our church. I’m thankful for the way He moved on Sunday.  I’m thankful that there are more moves of God to come.  

This Sunday will be our Thanksgiving Sunday Communion Service.  Typically we have held a community Thanksgiving dinner the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This year with Covid restrictions, we are unable to host that dinner.  Rather than forgo the entire event, we have partnered with Joseph’s House and Compassion Food to bless over 170 families with all the groceries they need for a full Thanksgiving dinner complete with a turkey!  We’ve invited these families to worship with us on Sunday and pick up the groceries after service.

Here’s where I need your help. Can I count on you to do two things?  First, pray for those coming on Sunday.  Pray and believe with me for many souls to be saved. Secondly, come ready to be a friend.  There will be many new faces in the Dome on Sunday.  Let’s show honor by extending a warm and friendly welcome.  I trust and pray this will be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Last, remember that our community is seeing a rise in COVID cases.  This continues to be a point of prayer and requires each of us taking personal responsibility for one another’s well being.  Remember to practice the CDC recommendations:  

⁃ Practice physical distancing.

⁃ Use a face covering when physical distancing is not possible. 

⁃ Stay home when feeling ill or having symptoms.

For those in high risk categories or who feel uncomfortable in crowds, remember you can bring the Dome to your home by joining us on our livestream. 

If you need anything or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message us or call the office!

Together in the Harvest,

Pastor Daniel