What Could You Do With An Extra Hour In Your Day?

Let’s be honest, every single one of us could all use a little extra time.

It is the most precious resource we are given. However, once it is spent, you can never get it back. 

I’ve got good news. Everyone who comes to church this weekend will receive an extra hour added to their day!  It’s FALL BACK Sunday. Time to turn the clock back 60 minutes and take back that hour Daylight Savings stole from you in the spring.

How will you use your hour?

  • Use it for sleep.
  • Use it for coffee with your spouse.
  • Use it for an early morning workout.
  • Use it in the Grace Cafe for breakfast with the kids.
  • Use it for early devotion and prayer time.

Just don’t waste it. Make it count!

We look forward to seeing you Sunday where we continue in our series, “I’ve Got Issues: Our Mess, His Message.”

It will be a great day for the whole family! See you Sunday!

Immeasurably More,