We Say Yes!

We Say Yes!

Dear Friends,

God is calling Grace World Outreach Church forward in faith! Circumstances in the world have not dimmed the faith-filled vision God has given us. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Our focus has sharpened and highlighted the need to do all we can to bring hope to a hurting world. Now is our time to show the world around us a life worth living. There may never be a better time for us to lean on God and take the giant step of faith needed to move forward with creating space for those who need the hope only found in Jesus.

This bold move is more about our faith than it is about a building. For years we have demonstrated that the church is not a building. Our legacy has always been to create a place of rescue, a place of healing, a place of fellowship and a place that equips and sends out disciples to change the world. I can’t wait to see how much more we will accomplish for the Kingdom when we have a tool designed to reach even more for Christ!

This is a great opportunity in which all of us can participate in one of the most significant periods in the history of our church. With God’s help, this bold step will maximize our impact locally, broaden our outreach to the nations and prepare us to meet the spiritual needs of the next generation. Will you make a decision to say, “yes”? I promise you that God will honor your faith and will use our new ministry space to change eternities.

Everyone who attends Grace World Outreach Church is vital to this effort and has a great opportunity to partner with Christ in building His church. Therefore, on November 14, 2021 everyone will be asked to make a three year commitment (over and above regular tithes and offerings) to YES!. God will meet us with His provision as we step forward in faith to build His church and make an impact in this world!

– Pastor Daniel Norris

Make A Faith Commitment

We encourage you to be apart of Grace World’s biggest YES to date. Together we will see God’s will fulfilled and lives changed as we step out in faith and obedience and give him our best YES!

Get Your Yes! Booklet

Learn more about the Yes! Faith Initiative with this comprehensive booklet.

Sneak Peak


We need to create a new front door for our community that says we are a church for the whole family. As you know, we are blessed with ample space for our Sunday worship services. However, in order to grow, we need to create room for 150 additional children, add to our existing classrooms, provide an elevator to access the second floor classrooms, update our Family Life Center to be able to host community events and open up ample space to create connection opportunities between services as well as throughout the week. We are not willing to miss any opportunity to reach families because of our facility.

In order to better reach our community, we have plans to use the latest technology to create an expansive atrium that bridges our buildings and ministries. This new atrium will open up much needed space for connection and fellowship. It will also provide a more welcoming environment for our families with kids, by offering a safe and secure kids ministry that is closer to the sanctuary. In this booklet, you’ll find several renderings of the new facility. You can also visit our YES! faith campaign page on our website at graceworldag.org to see a video fly through. What we have imagined really is exciting.

We’re asking everyone to pray and ask God to help them make a truly generous financial commitment to the YES! initiative. This is how we will finish what was started and finish it for our future. Jenna and I are asking ourselves, “does our commitment truly represent our desire to place God before all things?”. I encourage you do the same. Ask God to help you make the largest single commitment you have ever made to a church.

Your YES! commitment will be for 36 months. I know some in our church will fulfill this commitment by giving all at once, others will do so weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Your YES! commitment will be handled with confidentiality as all giving at Grace World Outreach Church is.